…because it’s all about me, afterall.

So this is me. You might well have guessed by now, I don’t really do ‘formal’. What you see/hear is what you get. I’ve been in or around retail for the past fifteen years. I’m knackered, but luckily I love it. I believe that retail makes the world go round, and I defy anyone to take on a retail professional on almost anything. Retailers are amongst the hardest working, most talented, resilient humans on the planet.

I used to have a site that talked about me and my work, and it was all big words and ‘proper’. To be honest, that’s not really me. So I deleted it. That’s my approach to work – if you don’t like it, if it doesn’t work, if it loses you money, if it takes too long – get rid of it. The delete button on my MacBook is the most worn.

Beyond ecommerce, retail, marketing, and pressing buttons I’m not trained to touch, you can normally find me in the gym, with my loved ones, or sprawled on the sofa. How very clichéd. You won’t ever find me without some kind of computerised device in my hand, probably with an Apple logo on it. But, I am no geek. I don’t understand hardware, so don’t try and talk to me about what’s going on inside the silver plastic. I’m a marketer – I do shiny things, not wirey things.

I do like a good chat. And I like wine. Give me a shout for either on hello@ecommtom.com