Ecommerce Consultant in Oxford

I’m Tom. I’ve spent the last fifteen years working in and around ecommerce, marketing and retail. Now, I work as an ecommerce consultant, helping businesses grow, take control, understand, develop, and ultimately become more profitable.

I fell in love with the science of shopping during my A-levels in Oxford, and haven’t looked back since. Having become a shop manager whilst studying Marketing Management at Oxford Brookes University, I quickly moved to take on my first head office role. And the rest is history. I’ve worked at several retailers based in and around Oxfordshire, as well as some of their suppliers.

I’m not overly technical so try not to bamboozle people. That said, I know the right questions to ask your technical teams, and boil it down to an actionable plan.

Ecommerce is often a feared area of the business. I’ve worked with retailers who only had an digital┬áteam because they thought they had to. I work with companies to build teams, to raise their profile within the business, and to demonstrate what can be made of a well run ecommerce business.

Get in touch with me to find out more about my ecommerce consulting services.

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