Freelance Affiliate Marketing

marketing consultant in oxfordHaving run on large-scale affiliate marketing programs for several major retailers over the last decade, I now provide affiliate management on a freelance basis.

As a contractor, I often work on short term projects, or take on regular freelance management of affiliate work, where a retailer doesn’t have the budget for a full time agency.

Affiliate marketing is often capable of driving up to 20% of ecommerce sales – but you get out what you put in. The effort that goes into running a program is always directly in line with how successful it is. Gone are the days where affiliates will promote your brand without considerable incentive – often in the form of relationships.

My experience lies with Affiliate Window as a network in both the UK and the US, but I’m happy to work across all major networks.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss the services I can offer – whether you need help, advice, or project management to set up a program from scratch, integration guidance, strategy setting, or day to day management and growth.